How to Make Signage Stand Out

Getting the attention of your target audience and communicating information with them is one of the main reasons to use signs in your advertising campaign. One way that you can get your signs to stand out is by working with an advertising company sparta nj businesses trust. However, if you’re doing things on your own, it’s important to look at these 3 factors to make your signs capture the attention of passersby and get your company’s information to the right audience.


Color is one of the first things you will need to do when planning your sign. The color you choose will be based on the type of event or information you are promoting. Bright colors may be good for events like flash sales while toned down colors may be good for different promotions. You can also try making your images or words stand out by using a blank white background.


When placing a sign, you also have to consider how much traffic will be in an area as well as how quickly readers will take in the information presented to them. Since most people don’t have the time to sit and read a lengthy sign, making things simple and having important bits of info stand out are key. Contrasting colors against the background makes the sign easy to read and ensures that it can be seen from a distance.


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Font is another important aspect of designing and placing signs for your business. The font can make it easier or more difficult to read, depending on what you choose. Less is more when it involves making a catchy poster or sign, so keep your font simple and ensure that others can read it from a comfortable distance.

Focusing on the color of the sign, contrasting important elements, and the typography can allow you to have a sign that grabs attention and increases leads.