Getting To Grips With Staffing Agencies

Going all in to secure your position in LA, particularly for the first time, you may be feeling intimidated or overawed. You even get nervous when you approach the staffing agency los angeles ca employees. But howsoever many instructions the staffers there give you, in person or on their website, just remember that they are doing all of this for your own good. Always see them as people who are there to help you.

Forget about the profit motive for a second. In most cases, the only cost to you is the amount of time and effort you are prepared to put into preparing a standout resume as instructed by your staffing agency. Conventionally, they derive their fees from the companies that have tasked them with recruiting the likes of you. That puts you in something of a spot when you think about it. Because the staffing agency is being paid by the employer, could you expect them to favor that company rather than yourself?

Not necessarily. It cuts both ways. It is mutually beneficial. Or in this case, the benefits are universally shared. The staffing agency gets its cut of the commissioning fees, so he’s happy. The employer is served with the best candidate for the specified opening. So he should be satisfied. And then there is you. After a successful interview, you have been confirmed as that best candidate. And you are happy too.

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No matter how good you think you are, no matter how impressive your current academic and professional qualifications may be, the rule of thumb remains intact. The recruiting agency has left you with specific instructions on how your resume and supporting letter and documents are to be structured and submitted. Just one letter out and you could be disqualified.