The Top Components To Consider When Building Advertising Pieces

Designing your advertising components can be the difference of getting a sale or driving people away.  This is a component all sign company tucson really need to take into consideration before producing a product for a client.  For those looking to create a high converting piece of advertising the following points need to be considered.

Color Profile

The color profile will be the key component in your design.  The subtle differences in your color pallet will change the mood, action and desire of your customers.  To help you better understand this look at some of the major products on the market and look at their color tones.  For example McDonalds, look at the red, yellow and white.  As you look at these colors what emotions and actions do you feel?  What do they do in others?


The composition of your ad is important as well.  Are your pieces scattered around in a random pattern or are they nice and tight?  Do your images stand out or are they blurry?  Developing a sharp composition for your ads will help sell your message. 

The rule of thirds

In design you want to use the rule of thirds in your design.  How this works is you break up your canvas into six evenly spaced components.  To do this, draw two vertical lines evenly spaced vertically on your paper, then one horizontal line through the middle of the paper.  Once you do this you want to place your main components or points of interest where the cross hairs intersect.  This will draw the eyes to the important components of your image.

Focal point

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Finally, when designing your ad you want to have a specific focal point.  Typically, this will be the object or item that you are trying to sell or have your customer focus on.  Make sure that it is clear, prominent and conveys the purpose of your message.